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Australian Elections

Sun, 22 Aug, 2010

News Photo - Australian Elections

Australia has voted, and for the first time since World War II, is heading for a hung parliament.

Currently the results of the election have given the Liberals 72 seats and Labor 70. The Greens have won one seat and 4 others are now held by independents.

For either of the two major parties to form government a majority is needed. It would seem that the balance of power is in the hands of the independents. (A profile of each of the independents can be found on the BBC website).

It seems likely that Bob Katter, the independent that has won the seat of Kennedy in North Queensland, may be the person that decides whether Australia ends up with a Liberal or Labor government.

The election has decimated Labor, who after only one term in power has lost huge margins, particularly in Queensland and New South Wales. Julia Gillard (Labor leader and current PM) has vowed to do everything she can to hang onto power. Tony Abbott, the opposition leader has promised to provide a 'Competent, steady government' should the Liberals seize power.

To follow election events as they unfold, visit Election Live on the ABC website.

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