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Swine Flu

Thu, 30 Apr, 2009

News Photo - Swine Flu

As concern about the spread of Swine Flu to Australia sets in, passengers on incoming international flights are being screened.

Before the plane lands at any Australian airport, the Captain makes an announcement that passengers need to declare to Australian Immigration if they have any flu like symptoms. Passengers are also given an additional landing card asking them if they have any such symptoms.

In Egypt the government is taking the threat of swine flu so seriously that they are in the process of killing all the country's pigs. This is despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that Swine Flu can be caught from eating pork.

To date, the Mexican government claim that Swine Flu has claimed the lives of 84 people. This number has been revised down from a previous estimate of 159 fatalities.

In the US a 23 month old Mexican toddler has been the first fatality. The child had been transported from Mexico to Houston for medical treatment.

As yet, there are no reported cases of Swine Flu in Australia.

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