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Telling Your Family, Friends & Work that you are Emigrating

Be prepared, not everyone will be happy for you.

It can be hard to tell friends, family and coworkers that you are migrating. Some may have been aware of your decision making process – but others you may have kept in the dark, not wanting to worry them until it was definite.

  1. Be considerate
  2. Choose the right time and place to break the news. But don’t put it off too long. Be prepared for many reactions – from delight at your good fortune to doom and gloom and threats that you’ll be back before a year is out.

    Those close to you can feel thrilled, jealous, abandoned or sad. Whatever their reaction, hold firm to what is important to you and your family’s future.

  3. Don't count on frequent visits
  4. Hope for visits in your new home but don’t expect them. Some people that move to Australia, find they have lots of friends and family constantly visiting for wonderful holidays. Others find that family never visit due to the distance from their homeland, health or other reasons.

  5. Remember confidentiality
  6. If you want to keep your plans confidential, remember to be cautious about your social network activity. If you join social network sites for migrants such as Migrate 101 use an alias.

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