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Choosing a Country to Emigrate to

Is Australia the best place?

Australia is one of the world's most desired places to move to. But is is right for you and your family?

Is Australia the place for me?

Tips to help you choose the best country to migrate to:

  1. List the lifestyle you want
  2. Would you love to be able to walk to the beach each morning for a surf? Do you prefer to snuggle up near a fire and read a book?

    Australia has a diverse climate and could provide you with the ideal lifestyle. However the country is vast and traveling from the snow to the beach could take more time than you expect.

    Be realistic about what lifestyle and leisure activities you will regularly engage in. Do you prefer the party lifestyle or a quiet retreat?

    Australia has culturally rich, entertainment capitals such as Sydney and Melbourne as well as quiet country hideaways such as Mullumbimby in Northern NSW, and much in between.

    Try to spend some time in your ideal location before you move here permanently. This way you can get a feel for the social aspects of your new home.

    Do you love warm or cold weather? The sunny climes of far north Queensland, Australia are fantastic for a holiday. However, you may want to live in a cooler part of Australia if you are sensitive to the heat, or make sure your accommodation has air conditioning!

    Find out more about Australia’s climate.

  3. Be clear about the work and business opportunities you seek
  4. If you are going to work in your new country you need to move somewhere that will provide the job opportunities you desire.

    Australia's skills in demand list will help you identify what opportunities are available.

    If you want to start or buy a business be realistic about competition and future growth. Australia is known as the lucky country but the majority of businesses still fail in the first 5 years. Find out more about business in Australia.

  5. Understand the health care system
  6. Your new home country will need to be able to help you through all of life’s ups and downs. The quality of doctors and hospitals will have an impact on you and your family’s quality of life.

    Australia quite a good health care reputation. Medicare offers free or reduced rate medical services and prescriptions to most Australians. However, private health care is encourage as the system is under funded and overpopulated.

    Read more about Health Care in Australia

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