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Australia and Childhood Immunisation

Australian Immunization

This article provides information and links to resources that will help you understand Childhood immunisation in Australia. This information changes regularly so please check all details with the relevant government authority and do not make decisions based on this article.

The Australian Government is committed to encouraging parents to have their children immunised against certain diseases. In fact, proof of immunisation is required for eligibility in certain Government payments such as Child Care Benefit, Chidcare Rebate and Maternity Immunisation Allowance*. Immunisation takes place in hospital, at doctor's surgeries and even at school.

Vaccinations ages (months): 2; 4; 6; 12 and 18 months and also at 4-5 years.

The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register maintains records of vaccinations given to children under the age of 7. Vaccinations are planned for the following ages (months): 2; 4; 6; 12 and 18 months and also at 4-5 years. The child's school may also provide the meningococcal C Vaccine in Primary School. To view an Immunisation Schedule visit the government's online immunisation schedule.

* To receive these benefits without being fully immunised your immunisation provider needs to certify that:

  • Your child has a medical reason not to have a particular vaccination;
  • Your child has had a disease and has a natural immunity;
  • A particular vaccine is unavailable.

You may also conscientiously object on the grounds of personal, philosophical, religious or medical belief that your child should not be immunised. You will need to submit a Conscientious Objection form available from the immunisation provider.

Suggested Childhood Immunisation To Do List:

  1. Research Immunisation and decide if it's suitable for your child.
  2. Visit the Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule.
  3. Visit your local doctor with your child's current immunisation records and ask for advice.
  4. Contact the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and check your child's details have been added (only applicable if they are under 6).
  5. Maintain your own records for future school and childcare enrolements and government assistance claims.
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