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Buying a Car in Australia

Buying a car in Australia can be a confusing task, as rules and costs vary from state to state. When buying a vehicle you need to factor in all the 'hidden' costs & taxes that the various state governments throw in.

A few key points worth noting are:

  • In Australia, you pay stamp duty to the state government when you buy a car (How much depends on which state you are in, and what type of car you are buying)
  • New cars are subject to 10% GST (Some 2nd hand cars may also be subject to GST)
  • Stamp duty is charged on the full price of the car, INCLUDING GST
  • Rules vary from state to state about roadworthy certificates (the equivalent of an MOT, for those from the UK).
  • Fuel prices, although significantly cheaper than the UK & europe, are, like everywhere else, climbing steeply.
  • Luxury Car Tax applies on new cars over $57,009
  • Car Registration is an annual road tax that varies from state to state


Please note: this article is a only intended as a guide. All prices and rates quoted may be changed by the respective authorities at any time. To get an accurate and up to date estimate of costs, go the appropriate state or federal government website. Most of the links you need should be in the left sidebar. Please let us know if any of the links no longer work, as the government likes to change them often!

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