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Latest News

News Photo - Assessment Changes

Assessment Changes

Trades people applying to live and work in Australia permanently from July 1 will require increased English language skills under changes introduced by the Rudd Government.

News Photo - Same-Sex Couples

Same-Sex Couples

The Australian Government has introduced changes to remove discrimination against same-sex couples and their children from Commonwealth law.

News Photo - Migration Cuts

Migration Cuts

Australian Government announces further cuts to skilled migration in 2009-10 Budget.
News Photo - 457 Visa Review

457 Visa Review

Australia's Visa Subclass 457 Integrity Review has been released with recommendtions relating to minimum salary abolition, temporary work visas, skilled occupations and more.

News Photo - Dr Denied Residency

Dr Denied Residency

The Australian Government's refusal to grant a doctor permanent residency because of his son's disability has caused an uproar.

News Photo - New eVisitor Visa

New eVisitor Visa

The Australian Government has created a new eVisitor (Subclass 651) visa for visitors from the European Union and made other legislative changes.

News Photo - Intake less in 2009?

Intake less in 2009?

Will the global financial crisis force a reduction in Australia's immigration intake next year?

eVisitor visa for Australia-EU travellers

Tourists and businesspeople from all European Union member states will soon have access to a simple online visitor visa service to travel to Australia.

Protecting overseas workers in NSW

Temporary overseas workers employed in New South Wales will be given greater protection in the workplace under a joint Commonwealth-State agreement announced today.

Popular WA Visas

Fitters, welders and registered nurses top the list of occupations for temporary overseas workers in Western Australia.

Immigration Expansion Plans

AUSTRALIA is on the verge of a historical shift in immigration. At the end of the 2007-08 financial year, Australia will have accepted more than 300,000 permanent and temporary migrants in an attempt to meet business demands for skilled workers.

Visas for Iraqi Interpreters

The Australian government plans to provide up to 600 humanitarian visas to Iraqi interpreters who lives may be in danger when Australian forces withdraw from Iraq later this year.

South African success in Australia

According to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship, South Africa is one of the top 10 countries for Aussie business skills migration programs. Many South Africans are making it big in the land down under.

Immigration Boost Needed to Manage Skills Shortage

According to a paper prepared by Peter McDonald and Glenn Withers for the Academy of Social Sciences, Australia needs to boost migration by 30 per cent within the next 20 years. They go on to say that when millions of baby boomers retire, many job vacancies will be created to fill the void, and to care for them as they age.

Immigration Web

In a move expected to improve its visa enforcement capabilities and national security, the Department of Immigration is planning to hook a web of government and private agencies into its $495 million 'Systems for People' platform.

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