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Australian Justices of the Peace

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Updated on 13/07/08

From time to time you will need the assistance of an Australian Justice of the Peace (JP). Each state and territory has their own register and regulations concerning JPs. You can usually find them in banks, building societies, pharmacies, shopping centre management offices and at your local courthouse.

Queensland even has a program that provides volunteer programs in shopping centres from Townsville to the Gold Coast. Visit Qld JPs in the Community.

If you have trouble locating a JP, try the contact details below:

New South Wales

South Australia

Western Australia

Victoria: Go to Find a JP or Call the Recorded Information Line on 1300 365 567, or by contacting your local Municipal Council or Magistrates' Court.

Tasmania: Contact details for Justices can be obtained by telephoning the Legal Aid Commission on 1300 366 611.



Northern Territory

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