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Brisbane Oil Spill

Fri, 13 Mar, 2009

News Photo - Brisbane Oil Spill

The Pacific Adventurer, the ship that spilled 100,000 litres of oil, and 32 containers of of Ammonium Nitrate into Moreton Bay, is now leaking oil into the Brisbane River.

The ship was en-route from Newcastle to Brisbane, despite the crew being aware of Cyclone Hamish.

They ran into trouble close to Moreton Island, where high winds and 9 metre seas caused 32 containers of Ammonium Nitrate to go over the side. In doing so, one of the containers breached the hull, causing oil to be released into the sea.

The Pacific Adventurer is now berthed in Hamilton dock, Brisbane, and is leaking oil into the Brisbane River. This is despite having a boom around the vessel to prevent this from happening.

The state government is declaring this incident as the worst disaster that has ever hit Moreton Bay. Oil slicks are now covering once pristine beaches accross the Sunshine Coast, as well as on Moreton and Bribie Islands.

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