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Harbour Bridge Toll

Mon, 12 Jan, 2009

News Photo - Harbour Bridge Toll

After 70 years of collecting toll manually, the Sydney Harbour Bridge went cashless as of Sunday the 11th of January 2009.

This means that drivers crossing the bridge into the city (there is no toll for leaving the city) will no longer be able to use cash to pay the $3 toll.

The NSW government> is confident the RTA can manage the changeover to a cashless system.

"We expect cashless tolling on the Harbour Bridge to improve traffic flows," a spokesmen said.

"But it will take a short time to settle down while motorists get used to the new arrangements."

Users of the bridge need to buy an RTA toll pass in advance, or have their number plate photographed and receive a bill in the post from the RTA for $3 Plus $5 admin fee. The $5 fee will be waived for the first 2 weeks. Part of the RTA's website crashed on Sunday, preventing people from purchasing an e-toll pass.

Toll Collectors

There will no longer be toll collectors, and the booths will eventually be removed.The booths at Milsons Point will remain for now, as they are heritage listed.

Around a third of the Harbour Bridge toll collectors have opted for redundancy, while the remaining staff are looking at office based jobs.

People can purchase an e-tag or an e-toll pass by visiting an RTA motor registry, ringing the RTA on 131 865 or visiting

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