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Do I really want to emigrate?

Making the decision

Maybe you have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the sun, or friends and family in another country have suggested you join them permanently… Whatever the reason, migrating is a big decision.

Be honest about why you are considering emigrating.

Tips to help you decide if emigrating is right for you:

  1. Ask yourself why you want to emigrate
  2. For a better lifestyle? Better weather? To give your kids a better education? To escape the rut you are in?

    Be honest about why you are considering emigrating. If the reason is something that will travel with you (eg. my marriage is in trouble), the stress of emigrating could make things worse.

    If it is to improve your lifestyle (eg. I want to be able to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle) ensure your new situation will actually provide the desired change.

    You might plan to live by the beach in Australia, but if you are working long hours to pay the mortgage, the time you get to spend there will be limited.

  3. Consider the impact on family members
  4. Those that will come with you and those you will leave behind.

    Will your partner and children thrive in your new country?

    Do you have elderly or ill parents? If you don’t now, you may in the future… How will they cope without you and how will you feel if you are a long flight away if an emergency arises.

    If you migrate to Australia, and have family a long distance away, set up an emergency travel account. This way if you need to return home urgently the financial implications do not add stress to the situation.

    Your emigration experience will be more rewarding if you first look at both the positive and negative implications of emigration.

  5. Work out when is the best time to emigrate
  6. Should you go before the kids begin school? Will you wait until you get that promotion at work?

    There really is no best time for everyone. Simply consider the factors in you and your family’s life, then go for it! Depending on your visa you will have age restrictions that you will want to avoid.

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